Ian / Norwich Prison

Being a mentor and befriender of people released from prison is a wonderfully privileged experience of God's truly amazing grace. It's a journey of listening, loving, laughing, learning  and developing a caring and trusting relationship. These individuals are faced with the uphill struggle of reintegrating and avoiding repeating past mistakes. They need compassion, encouragement and hope as they strive to make dreams a reality, and not to slip back through the revolving doors of re-offending. I'm so thankful to God for the joy of seeing lives transformed by his power, of hopes realised, goals achieved and confidence rebuilt. All I have seen teaches me to continue to trust God in what I have not yet seen, where success seems almost an impossibility. I am sustained by His miraculous provision of new dawns of hope, and the ability in His strength alone to rise above the pitfalls of pain and adversity, rejoicing in the incredible goodness of God.

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