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Bringing freedom.
Transforming lives.
For everyone.

It is our vision at STN Trust to see the individuals we support be released from circumstances which enslave them. We bring a voice, a future and a hope to people, in order that they are able to flourish in every sphere of their lives. We journey with those who are vulnerable to help them find freedom from the burdens of slavery, seeking refuge, addiction, debt, poverty, violence, crime.



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How we work 

We train and equip volunteers to support individuals as mentors and befrienders, journeying alongside helping them to transform their lives.

We are committed to fighting to prevent individuals being trafficked and sold into slavery as well as caring for those who have through our mentoring and befriending scheme.

How you can help



Without your help we couldn’t do what we do. Your donations make a difference to the lives of those we care for.


Do you run marathons, climb mountains or bake cakes? Fundraising for STN Trust helps us continue our work.


It all begins with prayer. Your prayers are vital to our work bringing transformation to peoples lives. Subscribe to our prayer email.


Look out for our requests for practical items on @stntrust. These contributions are significant in a client's journey towards a transformed life.



Suspect that someone may be in slavery?

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