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Sajil’s Story: Raising awareness of modern day slavery in Kolkata.

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Almost a quarter of the people in slavery across the world are in India. We are passionate about fighting slavery both locally and globally. Together with our partners at Big Life we are working in Kolkata to fight against slavery.

‘Breaking chains’

Our small group series on modern slavery ‘Breaking Chains’ has been translated into Bengali for use in Big Life small church groups in India.

Street schools

We have sponsored a second street school through our partnership with Big Life. The street schools give children living on the streets the opportunity to obtain the appropriate educational standard to enter mainstream education. Education reduces the risk of children being trafficked into slavery.


Sajil’s Story is a simple story based on the real life experience of a young girl who dreams of becoming a nurse but is instead trafficked and held in sex slavery. Together with Big Life we will distribute 30,000 copies of Sajil’s Story through Big Life church groups in rural communities surrounding Kolkata. This initiative enables awareness to be raised within communities and families about the risks of trafficking.

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Aftercare homes

Every Christmas we support Big Life in visiting aftercare homes for girls rescued from sex slavery. These visits enable Big Life to share the Christmas story and to give Christmas gifts to the girls.  

I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.
— Mother Teresa