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How many forks do you have in your house? You’ve probably never counted. I certainly hadn’t. So I went downstairs to have a rummage through the drawer and we have 17! Enough for all 4 of us in the house to avoid washing up for a good few days and still be able to eat our dinner. I hadn’t considered the significance of something as seemingly small as a fork but this story from our Managing Director has made me realise how important they are…

I had the privilege last week of joining one of our befrienders in celebrating the birthday of her client’s daughter. I met this family last Christmas when we delivered a Christmas parcel and I was so moved last week by how they have been empowered to transform their house into a home, supported by all of the many practical household items donated through our Needs Referral Scheme and delivered by our Practical Helpers. No longer do they have to take turns eating dinner and sharing one fork! These simple items that so many of us take for granted are all part of empowering those we journey with to change their lives and has allowed this family to feel more settled after a very turbulent year.
— Kerry

At STN Trust we journey with clients whose circumstances enslave them. Our Needs Referral Scheme allows our mentors and befrienders to place a request for an item or practical support and we coordinate meeting that need.

So who actually fulfills these needs? YOU! We place our item requests on social media and chalkboards and you, the church and local community, provide the items! For practical needs we have a database of people who have volunteered to help in ways such as deliveries of items, gardening, form filling, and lifts to appointments. Through this - your generous giving of items and time - clients are able to be better supported and meet another friendly face as they journey to transform their lives.

Over the past few months so many needs have been met by you, so we want to say thank you for your generous giving of all these items!

Thank you for meeting these practical needs!

Thank you for meeting these practical needs!

So thank you to all of you who are showing such love and kindness to those in Norwich who we are supporting. And when you next eat with a fork remember the difference that seemingly small actions can make in the lives of those around you.

If you would like to get involved in meeting the practical needs of those we journey with in Norwich please do contact us by emailing us at and to stay up to date with our current requested items follow us on social media @stntrust on Facebook and Instagram.

Charlotte - STN Trust Volunteer

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