Freedom Week


Freedom can be defined as:

    • “the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants.”

    • “the state of not being imprisoned or enslaved.”

Modern day slavery traps people in a life they never wanted and never asked for. It takes away their freedom and through being imprisoned, they no longer possess the right to act, speak or think in the way that they want. By its very nature, slavery eliminates any element of freedom from a person’s life. Victims’ lives do not have the capacity to fulfil the nature of freedom.

Freedom Week 2018 is happening from 14th to 20th October and provides us with an opportunity to focus our prayers and attention on raising awareness of those whose freedom has been taken away. The facts and truths of the issues are difficult and dark, but there is hope, and we can join the fight against modern slavery.

At STN Trust, we have created some suggestions of things you can do each day during Freedom Week to help play your part in bringing freedom.

Sunday - Join us in praying for the fight against modern slavery at all STN services.

Monday - Pray for the four connect groups studying our modern slavery series this term. Connect leaders - invite your group to pray specifically for issues around modern slavery this week.

Tuesday - Come along to morning prayers and join us in praying for an end to modern slavery. 7:15am / STN Earlham Rd.

Wednesday - Visit The Clewer Initiative website and watch their ‘We See You’ film.

Thursday - Anti-Slavery Day - STN Trust is joining The Clewer Initiative at the launch of new resources for schools. Why not download their ‘Safe Car Wash’ app and get your car washed this week?

Friday - Check out our new poster displays in the Mitre, Sanctuary & St Barnabas Church to learn more about our response to modern slavery.

Saturday - Join the A21 Walk for Freedom. Chapelfield Gardens, 10am. A group from STN is walking and you can email to get involved.

We hope that you will join us this week in being a part of bringing freedom and praying for an end to modern slavery.

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