Hello Kolkata!

We arrived in Kolkata in the post midnight hours. Kolkata is a city very much awake in the middle of the night. As are we! We thoroughly enjoyed egg chicken rolls freshly cooked for us by a street vendor at 2.40am. A delicious introduction to Kolkata. Thanks Ian for the recommendation. 

My first impressions of Kolkata are that it has to be the noisiest city I've ever visited, it has a wonderful commotion of constant noise. Buildings representive of home, in particular Kolkata's very own Big Ben. Quaint cars and taxis. The population  (Kolkata has a population of 18 million people, whereas the whole of Cambodia has 14 million). A lyrical language punctuated with dance like gestures (today I've learnt to say Dhanyabad/thank you). But the most impacting impression has to be the 'outrageous hospitality' from the Big Life Team who welcomed us with such warmth in the middle of the night and have looked after  us so lovingly ever since. 

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