When we meet we eat

Today we have enjoyed time in friendship with each other and with our Big Life partners, Benjamin, Tharoath and Sina. Our new plans gave us the opportunity to spend time together, getting to know one another's stories, growing in fellowship as well as enjoying some Cambodian markets and food. Our visit to the Killing Fields and learning more about the atrocities that occurred there helped to deepen our relationship with Sina in particular as she shared her own family's suffering under the Pol Pot regime. 

It was a real pleasure to be invited into Tharoath and Sina's home to play with their children and to join their fellowship group. Although the conversations flowed in Khmer it felt familiar. There are so many parallels with my own fellowship groups in Norwich - Connect Explore and Connect to Mentor & Befriend. We enjoyed music, we read, we studied, we learned, we offered each other support and of course we enjoyed food together. Today was time well spent. 


Nowadays we spend so much time absorbed in communication - email, whatsapp, text, phone calls, social media and even occasionally handwritten correspondence. Today reminds me that time spent together face to face is when we dream dreams and see visions.  

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