The planned and the unplanned

Our plan was three days in Cambodia to meet with Sara*, a young lady, a survivor of sex slavery whose dream was to go to school. STN Trust has committed to sponsor her throughout her education. We came to build relationships and to get to know Sara and understand more about her needs and dreams. 

The unplanned is a sick father, the central figure to this family. A family who have undergone persecution, separation, ill health, imprisonment and slavery. So Sara's dream and Sara's dreams are put on hold as the presence of lung disease calls for different priorities. As we become part of the ripples of the planned becoming the unplanned, we are reminded of what matters most. I too have known what it means to put my dreams on hold and realign my priorities to stay with my father in his last months of life, grateful for the treasured memories created in these moments.

Today we are reminded of who is in control and the call to faithfulness. We have explored together with our new friends in Cambodia what Sara's dreams and needs might be on this new day, with the reality that the plan remains unchanged. The plan that we faithfully continue on this journey, STN Trust bringing a voice, a hope and a future for Sara.



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