It is our vision at STN Trust to see the individuals we support be released from circumstances which enslave them.

We bring a voice, a future and a hope to people, in order that they are able to flourish in every sphere of their lives. We journey with men, women and children both in Norwich and beyond, working to bring freedom to those carrying the burdens of slavery, addiction, debt, poverty, violence, crime, an absence of or under-education.

We work in two distinct ways: with individuals and in partnership with other related organisations.

We support individuals on a one to one basis by journeying with them through our mentoring and befriending scheme.  STN Trust is part of St Thomas Church Norwich which enables us to provide a wide community for the individuals we journey with through our Trust.

Partnership is at the core of what we do at STN Trust. Working collaboratively with a number of related charities and organisations enables us provide more opportunities for the individuals we support.